Nitrotherm - 独享专利氮气喷涂技术

The 4 x 20% Rule

Nitrotherm delivers 4 x 20% to the customer. Nitrotherm 氮气喷涂技术给客户带来4 x 20% 的优势

Budget 节省成本

20% Paint Savings 节省油漆 20%

Productivity 提高效率

20% Productivity Increase 提高效率 20%

Quality 提高质量

20% Quality Improvement 提高质量20%

Environment 安全环保

20% VOCs Reduction 降低 VOCs 排放 20%

使命: 引领先进Nitrotherm喷涂技术,秉持研发创新,为来自汽车,家具和电子消费品等行业客户提供优质产品和服务,创造最优价值,实现共赢。创建可持续发展的优赛德中国。Mission: Our aim is to introduce Nitrotherm technology to China and develop a leading position in main markets in China such as automotive, furniture and consumer electronics. Satisfying customers with significant benefits forms the basis for sustainable growth for our company Eurosider China.

About 公司介绍

Eurosider (Tianjin) Coating Technology Co., Ltd.

优赛德(天津)喷涂技术有限公司(优赛德中国)成立于2014年,并在中国市场拥有Nitrotherm氮气喷涂应用的独家使用权。我们致力于为中国市场提供高效,环保的喷涂技术和方案——已服务的客户包括丰田,一汽,卡特彼勒,北汽福田和戴姆勒等大型汽车公司。除此之外,我们还涵盖了其他工业市场的喷涂服务,例如消费电子产品。 优赛德还帮助海外公司在工业市场上销售创新喷涂技术,我们正在将欧洲创新产品的销售范围扩展到我们在中国的广泛客户群。 Eurosider China was established in 2014 as the sole and exclusive distributor for Nitrotherm, Polyfluid in Greater China, Vietnam, Singapore. We are a company specialized in efficient and eco-friendly spray coating and powder solutions for the Chinese market. Our installed client-base includes the large automotive companies such as Toyota, FAW, Caterpillar, Foton and Daimler. We also cover other industrial markets such consumer goods and CE. Eurosider also helps overseas companies sell innovative coating technologies in industrial markets as we are expanding our product offering to our extensive customer-base in China with European innovative products.

  • 20% Paint Savings
  • 20% Higher Productivity
  • 20% Higher Quality
  • 20% VOCs Reduction


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Hawk Hao

General Manager – 总经理
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Jack Jiang

Painting Specialist – 喷涂专家
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Michael Xie

Technical Specialist – 技术专家
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Christoper Liu

Business Development Manager – 业务发展经理
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Albert van Pabst

Representative Board Member- 董事会代表
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Yang Lei

Technical Specialist – 技术专家



公司愿景- 通过先进的Nitrotherm独有喷涂技术,引领喷涂行业变革,节省涂料,降低VOC排放,提升品质,提高效率。Company Vision - We see huge opportunity for improving spray-coating processes in China by applying our proprietary Nitrotherm technology that will bring significant paint cost savings, quality and productivity improvement and reduced VOC emissions.


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