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Leading Auto parts Manufacturer Magna invests in Eurosider China’s Nitrotherm® solution for its Spray Painting Process 领先的汽车配件制造商-马格纳在喷涂生产过程中引入优赛德中国的氮气喷涂技术

10 May 2021, Tianjin 2021.05.10, 天津 Guangdong Magna Automotive Mirrors Co., Ltd. has signed a contract with Eurosider (Tianjin) Coating Technology Co., Ltd. involving the upgrading Magna’s large Guangdong based mirror production facility with Tianjin Eurosider’s efficient & environmental spray-painting solution.  广东麦格纳汽车镜像有限公司和优赛德(天津)喷涂技术有限公司签订了合约。合约涉及利用优赛德(天津)的高效环保喷涂技术对马格纳在广东的大型生产设施进行升级改造。 The upgraded production lines are expected to be fully operational this summer by May 2021.  The Nitrotherm® equipment will[…]