Eurosider finalizes order from leading Chinese automotive supplier

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优赛德(天津)喷涂技术有限公司已经与江南模塑集团分公司,江阴名鸿车顶系统有限公司签订高效节漆氮气喷涂设备采购合同。此合同是经过产线实验和量产验证后签订的。优赛德提供的插拔式氮气喷涂设备为未来环境保护方面提供了涂料节约以及VOC 降低解决方案。同时通过对产线的节能增效作用为彼此合作带来双赢,并促进与整个集团未来进一步合作。


优赛德天津是意大利优赛德 SAS 下属公司,负责中国和越南市场。优赛德的氮气喷涂技术是经过市场验证并拥有全球专利技术的先进环保喷涂技术。它给客户带来更优质,高效,低成本喷涂施工。本技术最大优势是便捷快速现场安装和低成本运营。


Eurosider finalizes order from leading Chinese automotive supplier

Eurosider (Tianjin) Coating Technology has finalized an order with listed company JiangNan Molding Group to supply its paint-saving and quality enhancing equipment to the company’s subsidiary Jiangyin Minghong Automotive Roof Systems Co,.Ltd. The agreement was signed after extensively testing and proving the Eurosiders technology. Eurosiders plug and play technology further reduces the environmental footprint of the company by reducing the consumption of chemicals and decreasing the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). At the same time, the system enhances cost effectiveness of the company’s painting lines. Both parties envisage that the agreement will lead to further co-operation in the near future.

JiangNan Molding Group is a leading innovative Chinese automotive equipment manufacturer supplying bumpers and other equipment to top tier automotive companies such as Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, GAC and Great Wall. It has previously led China’s automotive market by introducing new technologies on its plants.

Eurosider (Tianjin) Coating Technology is licensed by Eurosider SaS exclusively to employ Eurosider’s IP-protected Nitrotherm® technology for the Chinese and Vietnamese markets. Eurosider’s proven applications can achieve quantifiable efficiencies in material use and productivity as well as environmental savings. As such, it can offer clients better, faster, cheaper and more sustainable paint spray application. An important advantage is that the technology can be implemented on existing production lines, minimizing investment cost and down-time.

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