Leading Auto parts Manufacturer Magna invests in Eurosider China’s Nitrotherm® solution for its Spray Painting Process 领先的汽车配件制造商-马格纳在喷涂生产过程中引入优赛德中国的氮气喷涂技术

10 May 2021, Tianjin

2021.05.10, 天津


Guangdong Magna Automotive Mirrors Co., Ltd. has signed a contract with Eurosider (Tianjin) Coating Technology Co., Ltd. involving the upgrading Magna’s large Guangdong based mirror production facility with Tianjin Eurosider’s efficient & environmental spray-painting solution.


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The upgraded production lines are expected to be fully operational this summer by May 2021.  The Nitrotherm® equipment will further enhance the efficiency of the plant, improve layer quality, optimize process control while reducing harmful VOC-emissions. Paint savings of 10-15% was achieved with the use of Nitrotherm.

升级后的生产线预计于2021年5月份全面投入运营。 氮气喷涂设备将进一步提高工厂的效率和涂层质量。在优化过程控制的同时降低有害气体VOC的排放。使用氮气喷涂技术实现了10%-15%的油漆节省。


Nitrotherm® is a unique application that applies which applies conditioned nitrogen as the carrier for spray-coating operations. This application not only leads to substantial savings in paint and time, but also improves quality, reduces harmful VOC’s emissions and enhances overall operating stability. Other applications include powder-coating and AI-analysis tools.

氮气喷涂技术是优赛德公司独有的专利技术,使用恒温氮气取代传统以压缩空气为载体的喷涂方式,引领喷涂行业革新。该项技术突出了成本节约,效率和质量提⾼以及 VOC 排放降低和⽣产稳定性提升等优势。

Other companies in China working with Eurosider’s efficient spray-painting solutions include among many others FAW, Toyota, Minxin Group, Jiangnan Moulding Group and Caterpillar.

其他应用优赛德节能环保氮气喷涂技术的中国公司有: 中国第一汽车集团公司,丰田汽车,天津敏信汽车零部件有限公司,江南模塑科技股份有限公司和美国卡特彼勒公司。


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