His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands attendance at Eurosider technology demonstration — 荷兰国王威廉·亚历山参观我公司氮气技术演示


On October 26th,During the official State Visit to China, His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands attended a demonstration of Eurosider’s Coating technology. The demonstration was given by Eurosider’s General Manager together with representatives, and met with Royal approval.

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优赛德(天津)喷涂技术有限公司(优赛德中国)将Eurosider创新性的环保节能氮气喷涂技术引入中国快速发展且丰厚的油漆和涂料市场。 优赛德中国的总部位于天津,旨在成为中国市场上领先的喷涂技术供应商,为客户提供高品质的喷涂效果,成本效益以及环保优势。

Eurosider (Tianjin) Coating Technology Company Limited (Eurosider China) was established to exclusively employ Eurosider’s IP-protected Nitrotherm® technology for the Chinese market. Eurosider China, with its main office in Tianjin, aims to become the leading provider of high quality finishing, cost efficient and eco-friendly spray coating technology in China.

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