Eurosider prominently present at Paint Expo 2016 in Karlsruhe Germany | 优赛德出现在-德国卡-尔斯鲁厄-2016世界涂料世博会(Paint Expo)

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Overwhelming interest in Nitrotherm technology during Paint Expo 2016 in Karlsruhe (Germany) where many visitors showed their interest in the performance of Nitrotherm technology to improve the quality and efficiency of spray-painting and powder-coating. Paint Expo 2016 is the leading international trade fair for industrial coating.

2016世界涂料世博会期间,拥有全球独有专利技术的高效节漆的改良型氮气技术 吸引大量喷涂行业人士的关注,并进行热烈交流。

IMG_1238IMG_1233– Eurosider Technology Founder/Inventor – Mr. Ottavio Milli | 优赛德氮气喷涂技术创始人/发明家 – O·米利先生



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