Market entry to China

Are you always looking forward to expanding business in China’s booming and lucrative market with your high-quality paints and advanced coating technology?

Are you wondering how to enter China market under Covid-19?

Luckily, Eurosider can be your distributor and reliable local partner in China. We help overseas companies sell innovative coating technologies in industrial markets as we are expanding our product offering to our extensive customer-base in China with European innovative products. In this special period, you can sell your products to China without travelling.Nitrotherm

We are the sole and exclusive distributor for Nitrotherm® system.

Local capabilities

Sectors Covered                     

  • Coating, Adhesives, Sealants & Inks
  • Consumer electronics
  • Whitegoods
  • Furniture
  • Automotive/Trucks
  • Composites
  • Components/parts & equipment
  • Building & Construction

Services Rendered

  • Distribution/agency
  • Customer services
  • Efficiency improvements
  • Logistic support
  • Maintenance & parts
  • Sales channels
  • Installation support
  • Invoicing support
  • Market research
  • Certification
  • Problem solving in generalexpand business

Examples of Customers in China

Eurosider has customers such as Foton, Toyota and Volkswagen in China, European companies can get access to those customers through Eurosider.



Distribution of our customers