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The NitrothermSpray technology is applicable in all the sectors of spray painting. Our experience includes a wide range of applications and many win-win relationships with our customers.

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Benefits are very similar in all fields but in some of them NitrothermSpray can bring also advantages typic to that specific sector. For example, by doing microscope tests, it has been proven that the hardened finish coat includes approximately 50% less micro-bubbles. This thing has a high influence on the visual aspect of the finish as well as on its resistance.

In terms of visual aspect, the most significant advantage is obvious when applications on wooden parts are done, where the result is eye-noticeable on the wood structure.

In terms of resistance, there is a great improvement of the finishing for aviation where large temperature fluctuations are expected between taking off and landing. Thanks to the lower quantity of microscopic bubbles and to the lower thermal expansiveness of nitrogen the final coats are less stressed than the ones sprayed with compressed air.

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