Automotive – 汽车行业


We are present with NitrothermSpray in the sector of automotive, from the major automakers to small companies that manually paint small parts, through medium-sized companies that provide panels, lights and so on.

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Our Experience

We have installed our system on a line with eight anthropomorphous robot with rotary bell for painting the exterior metal parts of the cars. We’ve reached very good results in terms of paint saving and in reducing of cycles time. In this company we installed a special machine, the NitrothermSpray J200, that can supply also a high demand of nitrogen.

A medium-sized company that paints lights is using our system, mainly for the high quality on the finished surface: all the optical properties measured in the laboratory are much better through the use of ourNitrothermSpray J30. Of course also any other advantage, as for example the paints saving, is reached.

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