Wood industry – 木质行业

The NitrothermSpray system has been well known for four years among the furniture manufacturers in North-Eastern Italy, word of mouth has allowed us to install over 200 devices in these region. We are even present in large companies that operate with reciprocator robots with 4, 6 or even 8 guns on which Nitrotherm Spray J60 or J90 are installed. Those companies are working in two shifts so their paint saving has had a return of investment of 6 months.

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Even small and medium-sized companies that paint manually can easily see the benefits of painting with Nitrotherm Spray. A particular example are the companies painting windows’ frames, doors or chairs. Here, the huge differences can be immediately seen in terms of adhesion of paint, even in the corners where traditional systems always give leakage problems.

The nitrogen is inert and non-condensing fluid (dew point of nitrogen is below –40 °). This makes it the ideal fluid for painting on wood. With NitrothermSpray we are able to reduce the content of micro-bubbles between the surface and the coating, ideal for painting with glue.

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